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Copyright Records:

Sr.No. Name of the Author/Owner Copyright Registration Number Date of Copyright Title of Work View
1 Shri. Rishikesh Nalawade, Dr. D.K.More and Dr. Sarang S. Bhola L-77136/2018 07/08/2018 Employability Skills - A Kano Analysis View
2 Dr. Sarang S. Bhola L-77159/2018 07/08/2018 Pilot Study in Social Sciences View
3 Dr. Sarang S. Bhola L-77160/2018 07/08/2018 Quantification of Quality of Work Life View
4 Dr. Sarang S. Bhola L-73991/2018 19/03/2018 Research Protocol... A Guide to Scientific Writing of a Research Protocol. View
5 Dr. Sarang S. Bhola L-72809/2018 25/01/2018 Hypothesis Formulation View
6 Dr. Sarang S. Bhola L-72721/2018 24/01/2018 Quality and Quantity Research View
7 Dr. Sarang S. Bhola L-72658/2018 22/01/2018 Quality Research View
8 Dr. Mrs. Rajashree Chavan and Dr. Sarang S. Bhola L-68005/2017 26/08/2017 A Study of Problems and Prospects of Tourism Sector in Satara District View

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