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Core Values


"To be in the vanguard of management education by making most of both the worlds, traditional and modern and help entrepreneur acquire skills for the total satisfaction of the stakeholders".


"To impart management education, training programs, which combine the acquisition and application of knowledge with the development of the skills necessary for managers and entrepreneurs and New-Age Top Executives".


• To make our students aware of the changing world ethos in the light of globalization and contexts of the new scenario.

• To impart Qualitative and valuable services in the field of management education cater to the needs of business, commercial and industrial world.

• To provide job oriented courses to the students and prepare them for self employment avenues through conventional and non-conventional courses.

• To help students develop all-round personality so as to make them responsible citizens.

• To inculcate a sense of discipline and integrity among them.

• To contribute towards social and community development through infrastructure facilities.

• To provide a platform to the students to face the challenges of the competitive world, with utmost utilization of their potential in sports, and other events.

• To implement research, consultation and management development program.

KBPIMSR Quality Policy

KBPIMSR is committed to instill quality management education in this part of Maharashtra and to be at the focal point playing mother institute role to the gamut of management education.

The quality policy statements committed by KBPIMSR are as follows:

  • • To nurture P.G students as a vibrant and dynamic managers and/ or shaping them to undertake start-up’s and manage diversified business keeping in mind changing world ethos in general and blending urban and rural context in specific.
  • • To promote value based and ethical learning to tune with Indian ethos.
  • • To develop U.G students to undertake future career challenges at national and international level.
  • • To augment into original body of knowledge through undertaking quality research and extend the benefits of research competency to stakeholders.
  • • To develop competencies among students, teaching and Non-teaching crew keeping in mind the humane aspects. 


  • • In the view of rule prescribed by the university, making 75% attendance a must for every student to ensure and adhere to the institute would,
  • • Appointing guardian faculty for each class responsible for recording, monitoring and calculating the attendance of each student month wise.
  • • Communicating attendance performance of students to student’s parents and Director for taking action/steps to punish absentee to improve attendance level.
  • • Exempting the student to remain absent in genuine cases with prior intimation/permission.


  • • Preparation of teaching plan with adequate supporting reading materials (reference book, journals etc.)
  • • Using ICT and audio-visual aids facilitating understanding of subject the teacher dealing with.
  • • More emphasis on group discussion, case studies, role play, business game etc. for facilitating teaching learning process.
  • • Industry visit, exposing students to real life situation and better industry academic interaction.
  • • Fair and impartial working of internal credit system.
  • • Teacher to keep a abreast with current knowledge, events and developments in their respective subject area and keeping student update with.
  • • Free 24hr access to library and internet facility.
  • • More teacher student interaction to make teaching learning process more lively and interesting.

Student performance Appraisal

  • • Adequate procedure for student performance appraisal.
  • • Transparent evaluation methods and process.
  • • Opportunity to student to voice their grievances, problems difficulties.
  • • Communicating result of performance evaluation and appraisal. 
  • • Student employability enhancement
  • • Inculcating and equipping with hard and soft skills.
  • • Industry academic interaction
  • • Personality development
  • • Inviting well known and reputed industrial and business units for campus interviews and preparing students for the same.


  • • Developing cordial relationship with the stakeholders.
  • • Arranging alumni/parent meet to solicit their views ideas for betterment of institute.
  • • Building institute image and sustaining the same.
  • • Involving stakeholders through and in various program for their patronage and support.


  • • High priority to maintain discipline in and around the campus.
  • • Wearing corporate uniform and identity card while on the premises.
  • • Good corporate culture.
  • • A separate discipline committee consisting of a Director, senior faculty and representative of students.

Student Welfare

  • • Students welfare a serious and major concern for the institute.
  • • High/top priority to students welfare and welfare measures.
  • • Earn and learn scheme
  • • Making provision for basic infrastructural facilities for promoting welfare of student.